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The Best Shower Door Options for Your Bathroom

A quality shower door can completely transform your dull bathroom into a glamorous space. Deciding on which shower door best suits your bathroom can be overwhelming, especially since there are many important factors to consider before embarking on this investment. First, you need accurate measurements of your shower area; then you need to assess your preferred material and lastly determine the amount you are willing to spend.

glass shower door

Our company has efficient shower door installation services to the majority of New York City residents. You can opt for a customized shower door that best meets your needs or select one from our inventory. Let us explore the various types of bathroom shower doors, their advantages and drawbacks.

The Framed Shower Door
If you are looking for a stunning and sturdy glass door for your shower without breaking the bank, framed doors are a cheaper and better alternative. These doors have a strong aluminum frame which helps steady the glass door. Installing these doors is easy; you can even do it yourself. Just carefully hang up the frame and adjust it until it fits perfectly.

Although these doors are not as spectacular as the sleek, frameless ones, they have a striking finish that gives them a stunning appearance. On the downside, these doors corrode quickly due to excess moisture making them harder to clean. Framed shower doors are also best suited for traditional bathrooms.

The Frameless Shower Door
Despite being expensive, frameless doors are a popular choice. Most homeowners prefer these doors because they have a strong toughened glass that needs no metal support. They also have a stylish, polished look that many homeowners cherish. These glass doors can swing both inwards and outwards. Cleaning them is an easy project because they do not accumulate dirt as opposed to their framed counterparts.

These shower enclosures are elegant, durable and can help glam up your bathroom space. Unfortunately, the doors tend to be unstable and putting them into position can be quite challenging hence it is best to leave the task to professionals.

The Semi-Frameless Shower Door
This shower door has a sleek, modern appearance. It is fitted with metal around parts of its structure. The semi-frameless enclosure is a cheaper alternative and an upgrade from the framed one. These doors have fewer frames; hence they are effortless to maintain.

If you fancy an up-to-date look, these refined doors are a better alternative for your space. The shower doors can give your bathroom a sophisticated and spacious appearance. They are the perfect upgrade from the outdated framed doors as they do not compromise on quality and class.

Whether you would like to upgrade from your outdated shower door to the refined semi-frameless shower door or you want to go all out and install the sleek frameless door that gives your space a glamorous, chic look, our team will meet all your needs. We will advise you on the best shower door option for your space to ensure you get a magnificent bathroom.

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