Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is the misty and blur kind of glass. This type of glass is ideal for those who want an attractive appearance but also don’t want to lose privacy. This type of glass gives a unique opaque touch to the room. To experience variety and versatility in the range of frosted glass you can trust the name of Custom Glass and Mirror. We opt to deliver the best quality at competitively low rates.

Frosted glass is the ideal and perfect fit for anywhere your plea, but it is more anticipated on the places where you need seclusion. The frosted glass contains one smooth side and another side with the slight texture on that. You may also go for the decorative pattern on the frosted glass. This kind of glasses have the various attractive and preferred features for the users. This glass can be used as glass doors, shower doors, office partitions, windows, canopies, railings and much more.

Frosted Glass

Customization Options of Frosted Glass

This type of glass has following interesting customization options:
1. It can be taken in any size, style, and thickness.
2. There are numerous edge styles available.
3. This glass can go tempered to give extra value and strength.
4. Any pattern, logo, or even theme can be printed on this glass.

Opaque Glass For All Interior Decorative Needs

The Opaque glass reflects almost 66% of light thrown at it in a room, the best to use in the bathroom, window and attic. Frosted glass is one of the trusted opaque glass that contributes to the decorative designs of any home. Whether it is a frosted glass window, shower door, obscure glass tries to balance beauty with designs at every point in time.