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Glass Railing Systems

Elevate the design of your living or commercial space with glass railings! NYC Glass & Mirrors offers a number of base hardware options: from tall post to heavy bottom rails.

Glass railings add a nice touch to the interior: horizontally they do not break the space into two parts, which means the ceilings look higher. The glass is just as sturdy as any other material and combines safety with sophisticated style.

Railing systems are impressive and represent a flexible modern design solution. Frameless glass balustrades perfectly comply with a popular minimalist aesthetic. At NYC Glass & Mirrors we only use the highest-quality hardware compliant with building codes, and all of our products are covered with manufacturer warranty.

Our glass railings contribute to creating a clean, unobstructed view. Made with tempered monolithic or laminated glass, the glass is not only safe for the railing use but also allows natural light to flow into the room. The enhanced natural lighting results in better aesthetics and elimination of shadows, and additionally reduces artificial lighting demands, helping cut both electricity bills and carbon emissions.

Furthermore, our company specializes in creating custom railings according to the desires or specifications provided by the customer. Our projects are not limited to glass railings only, as we can implement wood, steel, and other high-end materials into the design.

We pride ourselves in offering the flexibility that allows bringing any idea into being and achieve the best possible result.

Glass Railing
glass railing for stairs

Glass railing for staircase

Stylish and durable glass railing systems for staircases of every configuration. Glass railing delivers a modern and high-end look and blends in with any interior design.

Customize your glass staircase enclosure or contact our specialists who will help you choose the options that will suit your home and business best.

In modern interior design trends, glass has taken a place of the most versatile material that looks equally coherent with many architectural styles. The option of customizing the railing is especially attractive to those craving to bring to life something original and unique. We offer a large variety of hardware of various finishes from brushed stainless steel to bespoke wood options.

Our specialists are here to answer all your questions and provide all the information about each of the four glass railing systems.

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Glass balustrade

Glass balustrade systems create a feeling of boundlessness and eliminate the visible limits that shrink the space. Glass balustrades are safe and reliable without being heavy and massive. Almost floating glass railings add an airy and light look to the building due to the transparency of glass and the sleekness of hardware.

Modern architecture is hard to imagine without any glass structure. Glass is well known for its ability to mix in and compliment almost every style. With glass balustrades, designers and architects are not limited by one strict option. The variety of glass types, hardware finishes, and installation versatility gives a vast space for creativity. Transform your living and working space with NYC Glass & Mirrors balustrade systems. Our technicians will assist you in choosing the perfect option for you.

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glass balustrade glass
Glass railing for balcony

Glass railing for balcony

Glass railing adds modernistic flair to any building. The balcony enclosed in glass is a way to revive the façade of the house and bring style to it. Glass railing for balconies is noted for its lightness, relative ease of installation, which does not take much time.

The variety of glass types allows using all your creativity in designing a balcony of your dream. Tinted, frosted or patterned glass are just a few alternatives from a vast number, of which all are worth considering.

Depending on the overall style of the building, our specialists help you in finding the customized option that pleases your eyes and aesthetic taste.

We proudly offer our products that won the trust and respect of our customers.

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Whether you are looking to get glass railings systems installed or repaired in a restaurant, office, public place, mall or residential domain, NYC Glass & Mirrors provide you with highest quality glass railings to withstand high winds and pressure at low cost. You can call us on +1 (929) 600-0021 or fill out our request a quote form with your requirements and we will give you a free estimate.