Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is defined as toughened glass that has been treated by heat or chemicals to increase its strength. Tempered glass has many benefits and uses which makes it a popular glass used in many homes and commercial building projects.

tempered glass

Tempered glass is made from normal annealed glass via a thermal tempering process in which the glass is subjected to heat till its softening point and then rapidly cooled. This gives the glass its full strength.

Uniform etching means the glass provides consistent privacy and an extra-smooth finish that is resistant to fingerprints and easy to maintain. Select from full frosted panels, privacy bands, or any of our frosted etched glass patterns. For a complete custom look, you can even provide your own designs to be etched or carved into glass.

A fully tempered glass is 4 to 5 times stronger than an annealed glass of similar thickness. A fully tempered glass is regarded as a safety glass and when it breaks it disintegrates into small blunt harmless pieces which successfully reduces the chances of injuries and if there are any then they are superficial in nature.