Glass Curtain Wall System

Glass Curtain Wall System, also known as glass facade or glass envelope, is a non-structural outer covering to block the weather impacts on residential or commercial installations as well as allowing natural light to pass through. Biggest benefit of having glass curtain wall system is that it can be made from lightweight glass material and reduce the overall construction costs. However, another major benefit of having glass as curtain wall is to allow natural light to penetrate deep within a commercial or residential building and save on artificial energy. In Most cases, curtain wall systems incorporate a lightweight aluminium frame onto which glass panels can be fixed. Curtain wall systems were introduced in 19th century but became more popular in 20th century as part of the modernist movement.

Curtain Wall Feature

Insulation Properties

The windows are equipped with thermal insulation systems in order to reduce CO2 emission and also to reduce energy consumption. The materials used are insulated, which provide both opaque and transparent spaces.

Many don’t know that the curtain wall systems are equipped with acoustic insulation to sustain the balance between outside and inside environment pressure. The massive structural elements possess high acoustic insulation like concrete and masonry structures.

The curtain wall systems comprise of the following important elements:

  •    Transom
  •    Mullions
  •    Vision Glass
  •    Anchor

The curtain wall systems are hung from the top of the building and are laterally supported at every floor level with edge beams. The company provides strong structural beams in order to avoid any sort of large deflection. Many don’t know but, vertical deflections can completely destroy the curtain system of a building.

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