NYC Glass wall partitions

NYC Glass Walls & Partitions

Custom Glass Partitions for Inspirational Office Interiors

Contemporary office interiors need to be attention grabbing. NYC Glass partitions achieve this. Specifically, by creating brighter, more inviting Ney York office spaces.

NYC Glass & Mirrors create tempered glass wall dividers suitable for a variety of office applications. Our glass wall systems reinvent the look of offices and company headquarters. To partition your interior more elegantly.

NYC Glass wall partitions

Mood & Office Productivity Benefits

Glass wall systems are proven to help boost office morale and workplace productivity.

By design, a floor to ceiling glass partition allows more natural light to flood a workspace. Instantly, New York work areas appear visibly larger. This brightens employee moods. Meanwhile, clean lines and openness build trust on the part of office visitors.

Natural lighting is proven to result in higher employee self-esteem and healthier sleep/wake cycles. However, glass partitions also boost office productivity more directly.

  • When glass wall systems are in use, New York office employees find it easier to stay on task
  • Glass wall systems result in visibly clutter-free workspaces
  • A high degree of visibility improves trust and communication between office employees

glass patitions nyc

Design Benefits of Glass Interior Walls

When used in floor to ceiling partitionstempered glass results in instantly brighter, more refreshing workspaces. However, glass wall systems also provide several architectural benefits.

Glass Office Wall Nyc

Glass Office Partitions are Cost Effective

On average, offices refubish every 8 – 10 years. However, frameless glass has timeless appeal as an interior design material. In 8 – 10 years, a glass partition will look just as contemporary and ultra-modern as it does today.


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