All About the Stylish Glass Sheet Kitchen Backsplash

If you don’t know about glass sheet kitchen backsplashes, catch up! This is a hot backsplash option that has been used in US and European markets for several years, especially in up-to-date, fresh kitchens.

Essentially, the glass sheet backsplash is a sheet of glass that can be painted in the color of your choice and then installed on your wall. This approach offers a completely customizable look while being highly functional as it is easy to maintain and clean.

Dig into some of the highlights and benefits of this backsplash option.



Some manufacturers of sheet glass, such as Contractors Wardrobe, offer a palette of colors to choose from. The color is actually painted on the backside of clear glass. If you purchase from companies that bake their finish on at the factory, even better. This will ensure your finish won’t chip or peel.

It is possible to install clear glass on a wall that is painted in order to dictate the color, but you have to be careful with this application. It is important to keep in mind that any bugs or dust that may fall behind your glass will be visible from the front, and there is no way to get back in between the glass and the wall to clean it off, so it is essentially something that ​will be visible for the life of your backsplash.


The contemporary kitchen is the design style for a glass sheet backsplash. Without grout joints, a sheet of glass is as visually clean as you can get.

You can run the glass full-height, half-height, or even as just a six-inch splash. There are some size limitations, so on large walls, there may need to be a seam or two where large pieces come together.


Installing a glass sheet backsplash in your kitchen should be done by a glass professional. They have tools to lift the glass and place it without snapping it or scratching it while it goes in.

The glass sheet is typically glued to the drywall and then caulked in at the edges if it meets a wall or other surface. It is also caulked in at the countertop connection.

nyc Kitchen Backsplash Glass
nyc Kitchen Backsplash Glass


The benefits of a glass sheet backsplash are many.

  • Easily cleanable surface: Glass is easy to wipe down making it a great option for the backsplash where food prep can easily splatter up on the backsplash while cooking.
  • No grout joints to seal: With no grout the glass not only is easier to keep clean, but it does not require sealing of any kind. Another trend right now is extending your countertop material up to the wall, but most natural stones like marbles and granites will require sealing, while glass will not.
  • Reflectiveness: Light bounces off of ​glass, making it a great option for a kitchen with a lack of natural light.

There is no doubt the glass sheet backsplash is a great backsplash option for today’s kitchen. It is low maintenance, easy to make your own and moderately priced. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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